Welcome to Catmint

You arrived to Saya's Trade post for the TCGs that were joined in the last month of 2019.

Anyway nice to meet you, you can look around to see which one I joined and I am active in. I returned to the TCG world at the end of 2019, but before I was into it for few year till, due to RL had to stop towards the end of 2014. At that point I was owner (co owner) of two TCGs, one that I adopted from Chiisai (today you find her under name Kupo) - Rapture that was dedicated to Boy x Boy relationships, being canon or fanon; while the other one that was my pet project and it's still like online but kinda on indefinite hiatus is Folklore: a TCG dedicated to Myths, Folktales, Fantasy stuff.

Right now I am kinda thinking of repoening Rapture but kinda changed into a mini TCG and maybe redo decks and things, but it's a like realy big maybe project as with two little kids (one was born in February 2020 and the other in July 2018) there is so much work that I am not really able to do much aside playing or helping out with TCGS

The layout you are seeing was made by Aki, who offered to help me with it when I was exposing to her an idea at what I was thinking of trying to make, and probably she realised I will need like ages before finishing it due to being REALLY rusty in the coding department, so I really thank you Aki for doing this fantastic layout for me.

The Header is a picture from my favorite videogame Final Fantasy XIV an MMO that I practicaly play whenever I can

If you want to become a Tradebuddy, because we are in one or more same TCGs, you are really welcome to ask me, I do not bite or scratch I promise

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rapture (3/3)

reverie (3/3)

victoryroad (6/6)

801 (20/20)